Downtown Little Rock Elopement Portraits William & Linda

This absolutely stunning Downtown Little Rock Elopement has been YEARS in the making! William was in the Navy, stationed in Germany, when he met beautiful Linda. It took me all of 10 seconds to see how they were attracted to each other so quickly, and have made an overseas-long-distance relationship work for so long! Linda is smart, kind, funny, and beautiful. She is someone that you want to be part of your life! William is a respectful, kind, thoughtful gentleman! The two of them together are MAGIC.

Linda contacted me on Instagram a few months ago, asking if I would be available to photograph their elopement ceremony and some portraits around downtown Little Rock. Umm, yes!! We had the absolute perfect weather for their lake-side ceremony. Afterwards, we went to the Arkansas State Capitol for a few portraits. Luckily, I had just run a race through downtown LR a few days prior, and spotted a beautiful flowering tree. The photos in the flower petals are some of my favorites!

To finish up, we went to the Capital Hotel in Little Rock. You guys… we should all aim to laugh like William and Linda! Just try to look at their joy-filled photos without smiling, I dare you!

This couple is so precious to me, and it was an honor to photograph this HUGE milestone for them! Thank you guys for trusting me with your memories!

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